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My most recent purchase is the Askar 140 APO f/7 triplet refractor.  It is on the Paramount Myt mount and is controlled by the Sky Fusion box on top of the scope.  The ZWO ASI2600 mc pro camera is connected to the scope.  This combination will be used for DSO imaging and in particular targeting galaxies.


I have added the Astro Tech RC 8 inch reflector telescope, a ZWO AM5 mount and a ZWO ASIAir plus to my collection for outreach activities to local schools.  I can also use this setup to go to remote sites.


The above image includes the ZWO AM5 mount, ASI air plus controller, EAF focuser, ZWO ASI533 mc pro camera and Radian 61mm APO f/4.5 triplet refractor.  This is my portable and wide field setup for DSO imaging package.

Lunt 60mm Hydrogen Alpha B1200 pressure tuned telescope will be used for solar images.  This solar telescope is on the Celestron AVX mount.


For planetary, moon and sun imaging I have the ZWO ASI462MC color CMOS camera.

I am using the Orion EON 104mm triplet APO refractor for the upcoming total solar eclipse and midrange DSO imaging.


The OPT Radian Raptor 61mm f/4.5

APO Triplet Refractor will be used for wide field photo's.  Mounted on top of the telescope is "The Sky Fusion" control box from Software Bisque.


The top image is the ZWO ASI533 mc pro camera and the bottom image is the ZWO ASI2600 mc pro camera.  These are my DSO imaging cameras.

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